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Training Course Feedback

Results below are shown as a percentage of the total responses received from our delegates:





1) Organisation





e.g. Were you informed as to when & what the subjects would be? Where times and dates clear and accurate?

2) Relevance





e.g. Were the subjects relevant to your job and/or future aspirations?

3) Course Notes





e.g. Were the notes clear, presented professionally, relevant and useful?

4) Supporting Materials





e.g. Were supporting materials provided? Were they useful? Were sources of information given?

5) Style





e.g. Was the course conducted in a pleasant and positive atmosphere?

What subjects/sessions did you most enjoy?

"Wind Loading, Models and Visual Explanations", "All", "TG20", "Ties", "Wind loadings", "Anchorage", "Design Considerations", "Structural side", "Practical demos", "Buffet", "Loading, Wind Loading & Ties and Anchorage", "Ties - Design Rules", "Practical Demonstrations", "Loading, Wind Loading, Buffeting from moving vehicles and scaffolding components", "Practical sessions reinforced theory", "Design considerations to make on site & demonstrations", "All the practical examples", "Tie patterns & demonstrations".

What subjects/sessions did you learn most from?

"All", "Effective length demo.", "TG20", "Interpretation of Standards", "Wind loadings", "Ties", "Anchorage", "Practical sessions", "Design considerations", "New regs.", "Design Considerations to make on site", "Ties & Anchorage", "Ties & Wind Loading", "Loading, Wind Loading, Bufetting from moving vehicles and scaffolding components", "Design Calculations and Risk Assessment"

What subjects/sessions did you least enjoy?

"None", "Reading scaffold drawings", "TG20", "Design considerations on site", "Wind loading", "Codes of Practice".

With the benefit of hindsight would you still have wished to attend the course?

All of our delegates have answered "YES!"

Please give your overall opinion of the course in no more than two sentences:

"Very Enjoyable."

"Very Good."

"Was kept interested at all times."

"The course was very interesting."

"Very informative."

"Very informative, very good presentation."

"Excellent course, highly recommend."

"Thorough course, informative - would have liked to have gone through some more calculations."

"Good course, need to roll out to Construction Management at, Clegg, Kier, Carillion etc"

"Gives you a better insight into what goes into design drawings."

"Very well presented in all sessions."

"Very informative and has given me more confidence to tell a client what is achievable."

"Very informative and relaxed presentation."

"It was a very good course and I got a lot out of it."

"Excellent, would recommend".

"Very good and practical, well worth attending".

"Well presented, good overall atmosphere, excellent demos".

"Well presented and enjoyable - you clearly know your stuff! Maybe a bit too technical at times".

"Practical exercises were excellently presented".

"Course is very well structured and tailored to both designers and Scaffolders. Gave a good appreciation of designers' info requirements to enable them to produce the best design".

"Good to know how calculations are done, understand what and why".

"Informative, up to date and the first course attended with any relevance to scaffolding".

"Very well presented, explained and easy to stop and ask questions. Very good course".

"Very good".

"Very well organised. Very good venue and friendly presentation".

"Well presented and well organised".

"I have learnt a lot from this course and feel it has benefited me well, it has been good".

"Very enjoyable and of great interest".

"A good course, lots of info".

"Great! Gives good insight into design and reasons for why and what goes into a job".

"Very helpful - good course".

"Well put together and presented".