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Drop scaffold from main bridge steelwork to provide access and full encapsulation for blast and paint works. Drop tubes supporting 750mm deep aluminium beams that also cantilever out each side of the bridge to provide support for independent access scaffold. Complete structrual analysis of the scaffold was provided in fully loaded conditions.

Downstream side of main scaffold from south-west bank.

Alwyn Richards - Temporary Works Design - Scaffolding Design - Huttons Ambo Bridge Huttons Ambo Bridge

Project name:

Huttons Ambo Bridge


Huttons Ambo RL4/187

Type of Scaffold:

Slung Access Scaffold in Tube & Fittings

Scaffolding Contractor:

Narford Scaffolding Limited


Network Rail

Our Client:

May Gurney

Date of Works:

Autumn 2006 - Spring 2007

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