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British & European Codes of Practice

Some designers and safety inspectors are using 'scare tactics' to coerce you into employing their services for guidance and design to new codes of practice:


For impartial and honest advice on the best ways to proceed with your scaffold please contact us for a chat, we are always happy to help.

Our design team offer a range of design solutions for a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects. All scaffolding and temporary works designs are carried out to the latest British and European codes of practice. The main five codes of practice directly applicable to scaffolding design that we regularly use are:

  • BSEN 12811-1 Temporary Works Equipment,
  • TG20:08 The NASC guide to the use of BSEN 12811-1,
  • BS 5973 (withdrawn, however still recognised by the HSE until publication and approval of TG20:08 - see news),
  • BS 5975 Code of practice for Falsework (this includes all scaffolding)
  • BS 6399 Loadings for buildings (replaced by Eurocode 1: BSEN 1991 Actions on structures from 2010).

There are many other codes of practice that are used less frequently but still have an application to scaffolding. For the latest information on British and European Codes and links to other useful websites please see our news section