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Inspection & Checking

We can provide a full inspection and checking service to all our clients. Whether it is checking a built scaffold prior to handover or inspecting specialist scaffolds periodically during the period of use; we can provide the expertise to help you deliver a quality service. We will issue certificates where appropriate to validate your scaffold to provide proof that it is built in accordance with the design or in accordance with appropriate codes of practice.

We also provide inspection services for clients that have had a scaffold built by a third party contractor and require an independent inspection to verify it is 'fit for purpose'.

Why use us for your Scaffolding Inspections?

All scaffolding inspections are carried by our design team who are all fully qualified. Our design team are all actively producing scaffolding designs on a daily basis to the latest codes of practice with combined scaffolding design experience of over 50 years! Be assured that you will be hiring industry professionals.

If an inspection uncovers a problem we have the knowledge to solve it there and then. We have the expertise to provide calculation immediately on-site to validate solutions so you know they will work. We can provide drawing detail that same day where necessary direct to your inbox, or via special delivery as you require.

Other scaffolding inspectors may tell you what's wrong, but will they help you put it right?

Can they prove their requirements with references to British Standards and/or calculations? Would they walk off site leaving you with a scaffold that isn't in use and a client wanting answers?

We will always show you where solutions come from and the British Standard or regulation that requires it. We will never leave site without either solving the problem, or providing a clear and immediate course of action.


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